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Matcha Advisor

Our top-of-the-class wine sales chatbot, connected to your stocks in real time, accompanies your customers online AND in-store with tailor-made expert advice.

Matcha API

Automatically build your e-commerce product page with in-depth data. Push similar products that really stand out (from purchase history, navigation...) Offer your customers the best food & wine pairing engine... With Matcha's power at your fingertips, the possibilities are endless.

Matcha Select

Offer your customers and/or your sales representatives a tool to build bespoke HoReCa wine menu in a matter of seconds.

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The founding team

Matcha is now a team of 10, passionate about tech and wine

Expert, tailor-made advice from knowledgable sommeliers can truly improve one's wine, beer and spirit business, not to mention increase one's appreciation for alcohol beverages.
And that's what we want Matcha to be: the number one wine & alcohol expert and sales advisor.

Matcha represents the culmination of years of wine expertise and AI technology know-how, brought into existence by a trio of multi-talented people in 2016.

Thomas Dayras, CEO

While working as a wine consultant, the industrious Thomas Dayras continuously honed his expertise in the wine business. He has been a practicing sommelier, together with Benoit Richert, since 2013.
The CEO of Matcha, Thomas is primarily in charge of sales, marketing and communication.

Benoit Richert, CPO

A software development engineer by trade, Benoit Richert is also a wine tasting coach and a sommelier consultant. Being a connoisseur of the highest order, he particularly enjoys sharing his thoughts on the storied heritage and rich flavors of wine.

Eduardo Queiroz Peres, CTO

Adventurous Brazilian native Eduardo Queiroz Peres met Benoit Richert at a wine tasting event in 2013, where they quickly struck up a friendship.
Now living in France, Eduardo joined Matcha at its inception as the CTO, becoming in charge of R&D, data science and back-end development.

Pierre Vila Palleja, Lead Sommelier

Pierre Villa Palleja is the chef sommelier of Le Petit Sommelier restaurant in Paris. He is a member of La Revue du vin de France's tasting committee, and was also 2nd at the 2019 Meilleur Sommelier de France contest. No surprise, he is the lead sommelier. He is responsible for the pool, and for collaborating with sommelier chefs around the world.


"The start-up is developing its artificial intelligence solution for in-store wine sales."
"Matcha, a visionary partner" by Monoprix
La Nouvelle Cave, a project of the Casino group and Cdiscount, "a winning bet for Matcha."
"A small revolution, which is meant to be as remarkable as the Paris judgement which in 1976 pitted bottles from California against the Grands Crus from Bordeaux and from Burgundy."
"Matcha start-up expands its wine and liquor support services."