You are a retailer, online wine seller or foodtech company?

With no guidance at all, buying wine remains puzzling.
Picture for a moment your customers, being able to choose the perfectly right bottle for them according to their taste, their mood, the occasion.
Imagine they could find guidance and advice in the blink of an eye. Imagine a tailor-made experience within your wine offer!


You are a restaurant owner or manager?

Imagine a day-to-day sommelier, a true partner in your wine sales. Imagine that you and your waiters could:

  • Easily guide your customers according to their tastes or order (food & wine pairing)
  • Lean on reliable advice to better showcase your wine selection and make it even more relevant to each customer.
  • Develop skills and knowledge thanks to customized content


You are a wine wholesaler?

Guiding your HoReCa customers through their wine purchase is not easy. Imagine that with only one look at their menu, they discover the best selection within your wine catalogue? Imagine you could instantly suggest 3 references of a light, fruity and sunny red wine, or 2 references to replace their white Sancerre?


Make wine choice a child's play!

True dialog between wine expertise and AI technologies, Matcha was originally formed out of a duo of... sommeliers!
Who realized that outside wine aficionados circles, wine advice does not exist.
Who never stood in the supermarket, utterly baffled, in front of hundreds of different wine bottles?
Who never complained about wine advice at restaurants?

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